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  • Windows: 4.85
  • Networking: 4.25
  • Linux: 3.5
Need Some Help?

Hello, dear miner (or investor?), ok let it be a mining investor, we assume that if you are reading this post so you need some help? First of all, feel free to contact us. We will try to help you.

If you have problems with installing drivers on Windows OS for mining coins, we can help you do install blockchain drivers for AMD GPUs. Also if you want to flash bios at your RX GPUs we can help you to do it. We have flashed a lot of RX470 and RX480 with Hynix, Micron, Elpida and Samsung memory. We know the best timings for all memory vendors. Also, we can recover your RX GPU after unsuccessful bios flashing and it will mine again. Yes, we can do it:) But you need to have another one GPU to start your PC, it can be internal Intel Graphics, Nvidia or another AMD GPU.

What a cooperation?

We are open for a cooperation. If you want to offer us something new we are ready to hear you. If you want to write articles, or make a new design of your website, or develop something connected with investing or mining we are happy to hear you. Also if you have found error or bug at our website please tell it us and will give you a gift.

Windows Troubleshooting
We can help you with making your information more secure, or fix existing troubles you have on your PC.
Linux Troubleshooting
If you need some help connected with mining on Linux OS so just tell us your problem and we will try to fix it.
Mining Optimization
We can help you with increasing speed of mining for any cryptocurrency. We can optimize our GPUs and CPUs as well even without bios mod.
Mining via Network
We can help you to make Port Forwarding at our Network Router to get remote access to your PC from any place in the world.
AMD BIOS Recovering
We can recover BIOS in any AMD GPU. All you need is to start your PC with any other GPU or Intel GPU and give us remote access.
AMD BIOS Flashing
If you do not know how to flash mining bios to your RX xxx GPU, contact us we have a lot of practice in BIOS upgrading.
Professional Look
We also need a help, you can add mining pools to our monitoring and your question will be considered as soon as possible.
Bug Report
We are all humans and sometimes make mistakes, so if you have found a bug or error please contact us we appreciate it.
Type Requests Fixed Units Used Time Last Request Status
GPU Bios Recover 3 3 15 minutes Closed
GPU Bios Flash 1 5 10 minutes Closed
Network Access 5 5 20 minutes Closed