How to increase nodes connections?

If you want to increase the count of connected nodes to your client you can use following steps. It is useful when you operate mining pool and want to share your data to Ethereum network as fast as possible to avoid Uncle blocks. Also, it is important if you want to create web-service and get Ethereum data immediately like block size, last block, last transactions and other useful information about mining. It does not matter what Engine other clients have because all ethereum nodes use the same communication protocol.

OS Console

Open your console or create .bat file and run geth with a --bootnodes parameter. Your node will be connected to mentioned servers at the start. To find enode// string you should open menu in each row. Before it, order nodes by "Last Seen" colomn, to use only fast active nodes.
General Example is: geth --bootnodes enode://pubkey1@ip1:port1,enode://pubkey2@ip2:port2,enode://pubkey3@ip3:port3

Wallet Console

If you have already active geth or eth active node and want to increase connections, use next example. Your node will be connected to mentioned servers but not immediately, it may take even up to 2 hours. You should enter a command for each node separately.
General Example is: admin.addPeer("enode://pubkey@ip:port");

A real example:

If you do not see table with Ethereum nodes so try to refresh this page or sort by any column and enable JavaScript.

Ethereum Nodes Status

Host Port Country Engine Client Version OS Last Seen
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