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Bitcoin ABC 0.14.6
 # 851,582  150 peers qzg...gv2 76 ms

Current Blockchain Size: 221.59 GB

Current Bitcoin Cash Price: 299.69 USD

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How to get Bitcoin Cash?

  • Send your existing Bitcoins to another wallet with another seed or to another online wallet.
  • Enter destination Bitcoin Cash wallet in this form.
  • Find your wallet.dat file and add that file to upload section.
  • Enter your decryption key from Bitcoin Core (if you have installed it).
  • Upload this form and wait 1 - 6 hours. Check your status in the form above this one.
Do not use any tool, just wait a bit. posted info that they will support Bitcoin Cash in 8 weeks. You will be credited in your wallet panel.

How to Claim Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash has two short names BCH and BCC. All users who had bitcoins during SegWit activation, also have the same value of another rency named Bitcoin Cash. Some exchange trading platforms, like Bitfinex automatically split your coins and give you BCH. But what do if you have Bitcoins at the Bitcoin Core wallet? The answer is clear - install another node for Bitcoin Cash. You need 150 GB of free space on your PC and wait about 8 days (WAS IN OUR CASE) do sync it.
To make it easier for you we have made this online tool to get your bitcoins from your bitcoin core wallet or wallet. All you need is to upload your wallet.dat file from bitcoin core and password (if it is encrypted) or send 12 words seed from website. We understand that this service is based on the trust, so please write comments about our service at forums. We will give you a 50% discount if you make a post at any cryptocurrency forum. From our side, it is safe, as this site redirects your data to the server with installed Bitcoin ABC. Nobody knows the IP address of this server and can not steal your data. The wallet.dat file is deleting immediately after sending you Bitcoin Cash coins. This process is fully automated. Our PHP website is connected with the Bitcoin Cash node via the RPC commands. We provide this service for you as we have a fully synced Bitcoin Cash node.
Do not forget to send all your bitcoins to another wallet before uploading your wallet.dat file to minimize all risks. Also, if you add 5 manning pools using our form, we will make a 50% discount for you and you will get this service absolutely free.

UPD: will support Bitcoin Cash, there is no need to use third-party software to claim your money. Just wait about 8 weeks.